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What's included?

The packet includes mini-lessons, games, songs and workstation activities related to the book’s topics: bones, fish and pirates adding a special look at the bones of the spine and joints that allow us to move properly. Whether or not students have read the book (wherein readers learn the scientific names of bones), this packet includes activities that focus on the human skeletal system in a fun, non-scary, pirate-themed way.



• A Spin a Spine Game. Players build a spine from packing peanuts

• Songs and chants for hand clapping games or jump rope:

“Bingo Bones”

“Dem Joints”

“Jiggly Joints”

“Captain Jones”

“Rickety, Rackety Bones!”

“If You’re Boney and You Know It”

• 3 Crow’s Nest Word Ladder worksheets

• Answer Keys for word ladders

• Invent a fish drawing activity

• “Sea Animal Discovery” story writing sheet

• 24 skeleton cards of various animals for sorting, matching or collecting

• 24 Q&A cards for Spin a Spine game or just for fun quizzes

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