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May, 2024 from McSea Books!

I did it! After authoring more than 20 books, I finally summoned the nerve to illustrate one! After all, animals have always been my favorite subjects. As you read the book, keep an eye out for a stone fence that looks a LITTLE bit like the one you see above. The picture was taken on a foggy, late summer morning beside my mom's old farmhouse. It became the model for the stone fence you'll see on page... well... you'll spot it somewhere near the chipmunks. 

CoverReveal from FB.jpeg

THIS OLD MAINE activities!

Click on any of the images below for

high resolution coloring pages...


The Author's Note page of THIS OLD MAINE invites you on a "picture hunt." Before your next hike, print the list below and take it with you. See if you can find all the items on the list. When you spot one -- CLICK! -- snap a photo! You can probably think of a few other natural treasures I haven't thought to include on this list. Take pictures of those, too!


Click on the picture of the list to the left to open a new window with an image you can print.

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