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Author School Visits, Appearances and Speaking Engagements



LOCAL: (within 80 miles of Smithfield, VA, extending as far as Richmond area)...

$900 per day, no mileage expense

• up to THREE SESSIONS per day (can include an evening program)

• Farther than 50 miles from Smithfield, I may need one night’s lodging expense, so I can arrive early.



(Hampton Roads area of Virginia)
I can come for as few as 2 sessions (for $600) but I do ask that sessions sta
rt no earlier than 9:30 a.m. and be spaced no more than 1 hour apart.
(If possible.)


(beyond 80 miles from Smithfield, VA)

$1300 per day, plus travel expenses

• up to THREE SESSIONS per day (can include an evening program)

• Rate (after the 1st day) discounted to $900 per day for multi-day bookings.

IF I FLY: (Anywhere more than a 7 hour drive) Flat fee of $2400. More than one day (multiple schools), fee drops to $900 on the 2nd and all subsequent days, and then everything is average between all schools.


SPEECHES, (Banquet, conference, keynote, etc.)

and VIRTUAL: Email or call me. Let’s talk!


Phone: 757-817-3461

Presentations for my author school visits are designed to follow the Virginia SOLs (Standards of Learning) as well as touching on important reading and writing skills and ideas students and teachers can carry back to the classroom. Author visits for elementary schools are a bit different than those for middle schools, so I adjust presentations to meet the curricular needs of each school assembly, as well as offering different programs for younger and older elementary students. I have as much fun talking to round tables of Young Authors as I do at large school assemblies. Downloadable brochure below with testimonials and further info.

Kim Norman author visit, large assembly

A school visit by a children’s book author is an exciting way to promote literacy. I love to visit schools and share with students the joys of writing and reading. After more than a dozen years of doing author visits around the US, I’ve spoken to around a QUARTER OF A MILLION STUDENTS at this point. Whew!

I speak for all the second grade teachers when I say we loved it! Our students were very engaged and interested. Some of our students still talk about many of the things they learned.

Perhaps because I'm so comfortable with their students, sometimes -- after a program -- teachers will ask in a comradely way, "So, what grade did you used to teach?" I never taught formally, so I'm flattered and honored by that question. Teachers are my heroes!

Kim Norman author visit singing

Christine Meredith

Veterans Elementary School, Hannibal, Missouri

Curious about how to DO
author visits?
There's a FB group!
There's even a book!

Learn more RIGHT HERE.

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CES Norman book signing 2
CES Norman promoting literacy
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