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Click the book cover image to read more about it on Amazon.


My "new baby" is here! Finally ticked an item off my bucket list: publishing a book on how to do author visits. 272 pages in paperback... a feat for a picture book author! Also available as an instant Kindle download.

Click the book cover image to read more about it on Amazon.

Table of contents:

1. First contact

2: Creating your presentation

3: Tech talk

4: And speaking of talk

(What to say and how to say it.)

5: Arranging the visit

6: Promotion and getting gigs

7: How much do I charge?

8: Holding a book sale

9: Paperwork

10: Staying organized

11: Virtual visits

12: Advice from the experts

(Interviews with more than a dozen authors with a bezillion years of combined experience visiting schools.)

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Here's your free sample book order form. This was when I had one book in print, after it had been remaindered (boo hoo!) but that allowed me to sell it at a price more children could afford. In coming weeks, I'll share order forms arranged to accommodate more book covers. This form was designed with the form "2-up" on one page, so schools could cut it in half and save paper. (Click image to download.)


And for anyone who might have missed my email blast about my sample contract, here's that for you, too. Click the image to download.

Order Form 011917 KNorman.jpeg

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